Oxford's and Band Tee's


There is something about the effortless style of the ivy league student culture in the 1960's that has always been our fashion inspiration. They made conscious fashion choices everyday that said "I care about style and tradition" without losing the relaxed functionality needed for daily life. Classic tailored clothing paired with the worn-in, beat-up comfortable pieces that tell a story made the 60's even relevant to our generation. With 5th and Hall, we strive to create a space that shares the same respect and passion for style, tradition and of course Rock-n-Roll. 5th and Hall: the intersection of classic style and street fashion.

5th and Hall was a long time dream of founders Abdiel Gonzalez and Kristy Scott that they officially formed in February 2014, by combining their collective professional retail, styling and design experience. 5th and Hall debuted a preview of their first collection on January 17, 2015 with a “Pop Up Shop” at Black and Brew Coffee Shop in Lakeland, FL. The pop up shop was the first time the local community was able to meet the owners, buy clothing and experience the 5th and Hall store culture. The 5th and Hall team, AKA "Team 5H", continued connecting wit the community through social media and several pop up shops at different locations around town for the next several months until they acquired their permanent location on June 24, 2016. 5th and Hall renovated a historic locksmith building in the up and coming art district, Dixieland, in Lakeland Florida. In true 5th and Hall fashion, they have created a unique retail space preserving history with embrace modern street culture.